FAQ: General Information

1)  What happens if I have my surgery on a Friday and start having issues on the weekend? What happens if I start having pain outside of business hours?

Good news! We have a doctor on call. If you experiencing pain on the weekend or even in the middle of the night, there is a number you can call and a doctor will be paged.

2)  Why do I need a consultation with your office? I had one at my dental office!

Every patient that is referred to our practice needs to have a consultation with an oral surgeon whether you are a new patient or a previous patient. The doctor has to go over the need for treatment, review x-rays and the patient’s medical history to determine what type of surgery is required. Also, if a patient has dental insurance, it enables us to prepare a predetermination for surgery and submit electronically so that the patient is aware of the costs of treatment.

3)  Why did I get sent to an oral surgeon’s office when my dentist could probably perform this procedure?

  • The dentist may not feel comfortable doing the procedure
  • The dentist does not perform the procedure
  • The patient has to have surgery in the hospital

4)  How long after extractions can I receive dentures?

Between 8-12 weeks. It gives the gums and jaw a chance to heal and set into their final shape.